For all services a preliminary conversation shall be paid at the basic rate of 50 euro.
During the conversation the main points shall be faced.
For those who do not wish to pay the preliminary conversation for any reason, they shall send a detailed email or message with all the needs to get a fast free answer on the feasibility of the deal. An answer is not due or guaranteed without payment.
For anonymous payments, the Clients shall activate an online card for web purchases at or

Personal Training
The service comprises an analysis of the current activity and the planning of a new fitness plan. Training exercises can be explained personally or by customized videos.

Personal Chef
The service comprises the cooking at elected domicile, ingredients list to be agreed on personal requests and a special menu designed for sport.

Personal Shopper
The service comprises both companionship or shopping online and at distance.

Personal Nutrition
The service comprises the design of a plan in accordance with specific goals and preferences or limits.

Photography, Design, Writing
The service comprises artistic services such as tattoo styling, logo creation, clothes restyling, nude painting, fashion and intimate photography.

Companionship at dinner
The service comprises simple companionship with the quality of an intimate dinner. The client can express his preferences on the dress code and other details that might be necessary to create a wellness experience within a dinner.

Online Companionship
The service comprises mainly chat and calls on any issue, with not need of communication of personal details. The Client is due to high confidentiality and the chat shall not be used for other purposes such as movies or story telling or books. The service is intended to find pleasure and wellness, avoiding seduction and going straight to the interested issue as it would happen during the conversation with any specialist.