RunWild Project

“RunWild” to be intended as “follow your instinct”, where instinct is the inner inspiration pulling the Self to a better life.

The RunWild Agency is an ambitious project that will take off after my personal success, therefore after tbe feasability study, once verified that the vision and the mission of the project itself can be successful.

According to my long experience, made of failures and successes, as soon as I will have asserted my formula, I will start hiring people for my network and activate a website and an app.

The vision of my agency is delivering personal wellness services, integrating methods and people according to different specific needs and cultures. More than medical treatments, less than psychological assistance, more than simple entertainment, less than identification with binding groups and lobbies, wellness services are intended as a new way of making social relations based on awareness, consent and money of single individuals, wanting to get  wellness experiences and being ready to pay for them, even when dealing with simple conversation.

As a matter of fact, in this global world, we already have associations of any kind, clubs, lobbies, syndicates. Therefore my agency will be a network of people meeting on certain standards, values and mission, as first the giuridical form of professionals, not of employees. Nobody shall be employed under this network with traditional contracts and the tax issue will be left to negotiations with each country, in order to avoid said problems with tax national agencies.

One of the first principles to be agreed under this network is the respect of the job of the professionals offering wellness services, dealing with easy cultural misunderstandings, physical issues and local tax and economies factors.

This is a high variable field of economy, as it is body based, even when education and culture play a key role.

The role of the agency will “simply” be a guarator of the respect of certain standards and a support with practical crossborder and local issues as far as health, finance and material aspects are concerned, as this is and will always be a very individual job, where people make the difference.