CoolVerre Project


You can ask for some sketches I made for the utility model of a glass that could bring great innovation in the catering industry, with respect to cocktails. The idea and design came after a course of specialization I attended in Milan last August 2016.

You are supposed to sign a non disclosure agrement and preliminary pay 1000 euro to see the sketches.

As I had no possibility to develop a perfect design with design softwares, I made free hand sketches and asked to a friend and my father to realize a design with photoshop and autocad. Then, I made a drawing with Adobe Illustrator. I tried to contact Bormioli Rocco Academy and the French Duralex. I submitted the Project to ADesign Award 2016 Edition, without winning for design reasons. I did not pass preliminary techniques file standards neither with:

  • free hand (my design),
  • Photoshop (by a graphic),
  • Autocad (by my father, who is an architect) nor
  • Illustrator (by me) files.

If you feel like believing in this project, I would sell you my studies up to know and the related domain name.

As you know, intellectual property rights are protected DE FACTO even in absence of formal filing. It mostly goes on how great are your lawyers. Even if innovation projects which are not industrialized lose their protection cover after 5 years of non industrialization and goes to public benefit, I am here monitoring the industry to claim my inventory rights. It is still in my intention to file both design and trademark and continue to search for someone to license for the industrialization.

I fixed a minimum price of only 80.000 (eighty thousand) euro for the all (only 10 thousand euro over one year salary of the production manager of a medium enterprise in Italy) with a participation to future revenues with a percentage to be defined around 26% depending on the year of industrialization for at least 10 years and nomination as inventor at the Patent Office.

You can freely investigate and assess my technical abilities and knowledges reading my blogs, this one, started in 2016, with particular reference to the Shop page, or the one focused on wellness

Warning: As I am an innovative creative professional, should you find any inconsistency, please stay focused on the CoolVerre Project from where you started the investigation and simply submit your question. You will have your answers.