About Escorting

Per evitare  ulteriori dannosi fraintetimenti, facciamo un po’ di formazione e diamo informazione.

Escorts and Sex Workers
Sex workers are ladies, or men that, for any valuable reason, decide to have sex with anybody paying the required price. They have a list of “dos” and “donts” and rules, such as on “Monday all the day with or without reservation”. As the expression says, “sex workers” are employee of sex.
Escorts are ladies who have sex only with a certain attraction within a paid relationship, without strict rules and sex is not their core business.
This means that while you can ask to sex workers which services they do (Amsterdam Style), with an escort it depends on the affinity raising within the meeting. You do not need to seduce an escort: she is there for experiences with men and she will not attach her feelings to anybody, but she needs a certain “attraction” either for the man or the situation. An escort is very accurate in her manners and takes care of any aspect of body, as escorts are for wellness experiences only, not for the couple, therefore they limit their expectations on men. Escorts are usually very open minded, very gentle with their clients, very comfortable: their goal is sharing wellness experiences. It may happen that if you find affinity with an escort, she could simply “deliver sex” to you, according to your preference, but complicity is preliminary. The more you feel someone is tuned with you, the less words you need. It goes on chemistry and culture as in many business relationships.
The more a client is someone tuning with your type, the more the escort will be pleased to “deliver sex” as it will not be a public service such as being waitress or taxi driver or a sex worker, but a kind of ritual, something you have to and you also like to do in your life.
Professional Escorts have not renounced to pleasure and emotions, they have renounced to feelings, family and to stable traditional relationships. That is all.

Escorts and SugarLadies
Sugar Ladies are usually young guy or ladies exchanging sex not for money, but for expenses. They usually create relationships, send sweet messages as if they were your lovers and they do it to have their expenses paid, such as the rent or the bills or to have some nice fashion gifts they could not afford otherwise. Usually they are very young and have relationships with much older people. On one side you have the “rich and old” while on the other side you have the “young and needy”.
Escorts are not sugar ladies, but independent women who do not ask for gifts and bills, but for money.

Escorts And porno
Escorts are very open minded, but not porno actors. Escort can decide to become porno actresses, but it is a different experience, a different way to have sex and a different way to gain money. When it goes on porno, it goes on image and reputation: usually escorts are highly confidential people, hiding from the limelight and having experiences with maximum privacy. Porno actresses are showgirls, their image is prevailing on the client’s confidentiality. It is a very different approach to sex, to the man and the situation. An escort can act as a porno, but within a private situation. An escort is gealous of her privacy and does not have any interest to be seen on any porno channel by anybody as it would compromise her business, based on confidentiality, and her daily life. Unless an escort decides to act, exceptionally, without becoming a porno diva. Escorts and porno actresses have different chemistry. Biologically speaking, they get excited in different ways. Escorts are business oriented, while porno actrsses are fame oriented. Escorts still appreciate men as a whole, while porno actresses simply like their body. Escorts are available for role play, holidays, travels, while porno are mainly available for the show. Sex workers are simply people who can not afford to become porno divas.
That said, you could be an actress in sex scenes without becoming a porno diva. Sharon Stone and Kim Basinger are two of the main actresses who had sex movies without becoming porno divas. I personally love them, Sharon Stone in particular.
Escorts are Women
Escorting is a special service: it is not for everybody.
You have to be eligible as client, you have to learn to become a good client. If you are not able to turn yourself from being a traditional man into a free man who can afford escorts, please do not even call and find yourself a girlfriend.
First of all, you have to understand it is a luxury service, something you do not need for your health, therefore it is expensive.
Then, you have to understand it goes on your pleasure, therefore you are not paying for a normal service, but for a great experience as an unforgettable holiday. It can not be anything special if it is not conceived as such in your mind.
Third, please remember escorts are women (or men).
You are paying for time with a woman, not for sex tout court, as there is no difference with a girlfriend except for sentimental and psychological issue.
Escorts are usually more beautiful than girlfriends, as being beautiful is part of their job, therefore you are paying to have nice time with a beautiful woman without being bound.
This is the main deal. You have to be ready to pay also for conversation. If you do not feel like Paying, please use normal chat.


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