Body Sculpting: Legs

Sculpting legs is challenging. Many ladies have simply slim or unshaped legs, others have thick, ones. The real truth is that legs are very important in a lady. Sexy legs inspire great desire and make the night light.

Legs are highway to desire.

Some ladies have big ankles, other big knee, then you have X legs, then long and short muscles and then you have glutes. Legs are something that make women feel deeply feminine. When you have beautiful legs, you can stand in society with elegance, sitting everywhere with any dress, without the need to show boobs or Glutes, then you can flirt with anybody. Legs speak of the lady. Well shaped legs are telling about your training and your life. Legs can not be modified by surgery. You can not shape them with silicon as boobs. Legs show how agile you are and how is your loving style. The way you sit and walk tells about the way you move.

According to my experience, the way to shape legs in a lady is not difficult, it is long. It is easier to shape arms and to lose weight than to shape legs.

If you are a bit overweight,  First of all you should start running and jumping rope. Running and jumping rope is really great for quadriceps definition and biceps to. Then, biking is great for high Glutes and calves. After you have reached the base of the muscle, you can start with HomeFit and weight lifting. About nutrition, low carb. Chickpeas and eggwhite are fine. Rye is fine to drenate together with drenating vegetables and antioxidants.

On the contrary, if you are a very thin lady, First, after having checked Tyroid,  you should start eating protein and carb in great proportion, then weight lifting and HomeFit directly. No cardio, no running for slim ladies, only some jumping rope and bike for cardiovascular activation, Glutes and calves. About nutrion, among naturals, to gain weight,go soy.

For both, after training powders are important as muscles definition needs immediate integration.

I can not indicate a specific planning, as each body is different, but let’s say that if you observe your body, you can adjust the training or the nutrion, as needed.


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