Languages and life views

Today, ending my dinner based on cynar vegetable, I felt the need of something to close the eating. It made me think the fact that the digestive drink in Italian is usually called “amaro” that can literally be translated with “bitter”, but in reality it is always a very sweet infusion of herbs.

The nice thing I noticed is that English people call it “Passover”. Great term! I think it is much more appropriate than the Italian word, as, as a matter of fact, it is the final drink you have to close the eating and clean your stomach, the very last taste, passing over all the others.

These are the things I always loved in studying foreign languages. Translation are rarely literal, they often refer to different concepts and perspective of life.

So, as the “amaro” is always “sweet” (I should make a history research to understand who started calling a drink having around 30% sugar “bitter”) I will go with the English term “Passover” without translation, as we do not have a corresponding word in Italian.

I am only asking myself, about Coca Cola Zero: how do they create e zero calory drink having sugars (such as Stevia) inside?

Anyway, I find that 2/4 of Coca Cola Zero, mixed to 1/2 fresh lemon sugar and 1/2 “bitter” from herbs such as Aperol or Cynar (they both have a low percentage of alcohol and sugar) is nice to close a meal based on vegetables.


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