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In particolare “TheBodyWay” ed “EnhancedYoga”, insieme, sono un metodo, un percorso che conduce la raggiungimento di un ben definito stato di equilibrio psico-fisico, composto di due parti fondamentali e tre integrative.

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Luxury is within details for enhanced utility from HIIN
(high intense intelligence needs).
Ipse dixit for A’Design Award 2016 Edition

IT: Libera professionista con formazione post-universitaria giuridico-economica, abilità artistiche e sportive consolidate.

ENG: Amanda has inherited Chiara’s background as firms do. As Professional with certified education, acquired abilities and experience, at 40 years old she now is a “Time seller”, an “Advisor” focused on Wellness at multidimensional level.

Standard curriculum vitae

If You need a standard cv and do not want to get lost in blog, you are welcome. Herebelow you will find the last one I circulated after My last official job in a law firm. I live in Rome, but  I got here after having lived in other cities. I am currently 40 years old, never married. No special liens or relationships. I do not smoke, I follow an enhanced nutrition method based on high protein intake and fresh food. For more information, questions are welcome. Please introduce yourself, briefly, before asking questions to let me understand who you are and why you are interested in my profile. Thank you.

My international blog on wellness is www.awaytowellness.blog




Having been a painter, a creative writer with paralegal expertise, a bartender, a yoga practitioner, she provides also services as wellness coach (nutrition, sport and fashion), fitness model, personal driver, personal shopper, nigthlife entertainer.

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Basically, a professional with personal assistance and escorting availability, currently based in Rome.

After more than fifteen years of experience assisting managers in international companies, each one leading in its relevant area, Chiara – also known as ChiM and with many other names, decided to start up as a freelance contracting entrepreneur, offering her expertise, on call.

Her services are provided with the name of Amanda Nike and the RunWild Project is starting up.

You can hire her for your local needs when planning your travel or on site for your comfortable stay in Italy.

This blog is constantly subject to updates. Please feel free to point out to my attention any inconsistency.

For nutrition, visit the protein paradise page.

For historical information please visit my first website www.ChiMart.space that I use as curriculum.

For information as model, please visit my landing page: AmandaNike

For information as wellness coach please visit: TheBodyWay

Wishing you a wonderful stay on my pages, for contact write me a short message on +39 391 7058 280 a TRE number.

I will get back as soon as possible.


VAT no. 02768160356



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